6 Year Old Helps other kids by Donating to Awareness Campaign


A little girl named Jade, 6 years old, painted these pictures in her art therapy session and donated them to the That Adopted Girl National Adoption Month awareness art gallery show. She really wanted to help the cause and we were MORE than happy to add her pieces to the show heart emoticon. Jade unfortunately lost a parent to illness a couple of years ago so when she heard what foster kids experience she connected to it on some level. She said that she could be in foster care if she had lost both parents, which she really hopes never happens. Both of Jade’s paintings sold today!!! Imagine, 6 years old with a huge heart wanting to help raise awareness for other kids, and now also having sold her first art pieces!

Thank you SO much Jade for your contribution!

YOU can join Jade by making a contribution to the awareness campaigns, empower hours and other life changing programs at www.ThatAdoptedGirl.com.

(* Name has been changed to protect identity)


Introducing Foster Fun by That Adopted Girl!


That Adopted Girl Inc. is incredibly excited to introduce the Foster Fun program (launching this fall!)!!  The Foster Fun program is designed to create HAPPY childhood experiences for kids in the system!  We figure Continue reading

WE, the TAG tribe.


I often speak and write in “we” terms because I look at life as something we are all in together. I do not want ANYONE to have to walk alone. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Continue reading

Las Vegas Business Press 40 under 40 list! 


Juliana Whitney, Founder & President of That Adopted Girl Inc in Las Vegas Business Press 40 under 40 list for 2015, along with 39 other amazing people!! I am so excited for all that is to come with That Adopted Girl Inc.  I look froward to growing with all of you joining me in this mission!

View Here! 

LOVE always and forever,



Give a woman a coat, keep her warm for a winter. TEACH a woman to make coats, keep her warm for a lifetime.


#NewsWorthy Veronika Scott is an American social entrepreneur and CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. Based in Detroit, this non-profit humanitarian organization works to address homelessness by creating jobs for those who want them and providing coats for those that need them. Continue reading

Ambitious projects build adoption awareness

Juliana Whitney is working to spread the word about the power of adoption.
As someone who is adopted, 25-year-old Whitney hopes to garner awareness through constantly speaking out on the subject.
During National Adoption Month in November, she literally left her mark by hiding thousands of bookmarks across Las Vegas.

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