That Adopted Girl Supports Adoption Exchange Striving To Find Homes For Children in Foster Care


Right now in Clark County 120 foster children are ready and waiting for adoption.

If they don’t find a permanent home, studies show these children will become adults who are more likely to be homeless, impoverished and incarcerated.

More than 60 people hoping to prevent that at the Dr. Beth Howe Center in Las Vegas on Friday morning. For more than two hours the group of elected officials, social workers and business leaders discussed how to close the adoption gap.

“I guarantee you there’s 120 families out there that are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives,” said Brian Knudsen, chairman of the Las Vegas advisory board for Adoption Exchange, a Denver-based nonprofit. “There is opportunity there.”


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March 24, 2018 – 3:42 pm

Clothes and Necessities Donated for Kids in Foster Care [March 2018]


Part I – The Fundraiser

There are a lot of kids who are taken to Child Haven with none of their belongings. They have to leave everything behind at the unfit homes they are removed from. It’s up to Child Haven to give these kids some necessities to take with them as they enter the foster care system. Child Haven does not receive any state funding to provide these kids with these items. We found the wishlist and would love you to join us in fulfilling some wishlist items by making a donation! Together, let’s make sure that kids leaving Child Haven have some things to take with them on their journey ahead. 💕

Let’s start the new year off right.
It’s important to give for those who don’t have.

We are starting off with a fundraiser for the NV Child Haven wishlist, and if all goes well will do the same for surrounding states and their wish lists. Please contact us if you would like to assist in implementing a give in your state.

When children are removed from their homes and placed into protective custody, they have few, if any, of their personal belongings. The Department of Family Services provides a duffel bag filled with new clothing, toys and other essential items to children when they depart the Child Haven campus to live with relatives or in a foster home.

The Department DOES NOT receive funding to purchase the duffel bags and their contents, or the other items provided to families. They rely on the generosity of community partners and general public to help supply these basic necessities.

100% of funds raised will go towards purchasing new items from the Child Haven wishlist to provide children in foster care with some items of their very own.

Your donations and contributions are loved and appreciated. ❤️

To see the wishlist items, view the bottom of the page at

PART II – The Donation

We spoke with Child Haven about their specific item needs (as to avoid buying things from the wishlist which they have all stocked up, and to make sure to provide the items from the list they can most use right now). With their insight into specific need and the help of your awesome donations we officially have ordered. SO excited for it all to arrive and get to the kiddos. Will keep you all updated when it’s delivered! 💕

40 pairs of pants for girls 👖
40 shirts for girls 👚
24 bras for girls 👙
58 underwear for girls
20 shirts for boys 👕
40 underwear for boys
144 hand creams
72 tubes of chapstick
300 combs
72 sticks of deodorant


Peggy’s Attic at Child Haven received all the pants, shirts, under garments, combs, hand creams, chapsticks, and deodorants that were so graciously supported by all of you. They were SO grateful and so kind when the items were delivered. LOVE to all of you! Thank you for supporting That Adopted Girl’s first fund raise for a Child Haven and thank you for being so patient along the way. It’s all there and ready to be distributed to children