Women Grow Toy Drive for Kids in Foster Care 2017


PART I – The Toy Drive

Grateful to have Las Vegas Women Grow including a toy drive for That Adopted Girl! Here’s why…

The toys donated will be going to children at Child Haven (where children are taken immediately after being removed from their homes, and where they wait until being placed with kin or foster parents). It can be a scary and confusing time for children. They can be in there waiting in limbo for a matter of hours, or for many weeks.

These toy donations are SO much more than play things. Each toy has the power to bring at least a little bit of light and comfort to a child in waiting. That’s important, meaningful, and so much more than just a toy. Thank you all SO MUCH and we look forward to seeing you tonight



PART II – The Toy Donation to Child Haven!

Today I played holiday fairy for That Adopted Girl and my heart danced with joy.

My business partner, my Cindy Lou Who hairdo, and I delivered a whole bunch (about 70!) of awesome toys to Child Haven. These were brand new toys donated by cannabis industry professionals at the Women Grow event last week. What a privilege it is to be able to give!

The receiving agent’s eyes grew larger with each new batch of toys we brought in from the car. Often Child Haven gets used items donated, so they were surprised by the donation of new items, and were excited to have quality, brand new toys for the kids that will be spending the holidays at Child Haven! Thank you to everyone who played a part in this year’s donation to Child Haven. You’ve done a great thing. 💕