That Adopted Girl Will Rise Again


Let’s be real, running a non-profit organization takes a lot of work!  That Adopted Girl is powerful, but small as well. Really small.  Basically a founder, a few board members and any amount of volunteers they can get at any of the events. All of whom are passionate about empowering kids in the foster care system.  This past year we have been less active than the couple before because founder Juliana Whitney is an entrepreneur and has had to put a lot of energy into her income generating startups for a bit of time.  But That Adopted Girl has NOT been forgotten, and in the midst of building her two businesses, Juliana had an epiphany.


“That Adopted Girl, helping to empower girls in the foster care system, and creating exciting youth memories for them is so dear to my heart.  As an adoptee myself, knowing the amount to which I struggled with my self-worth and struggled with turning my wounds into wisdom, bringing some sense of guidance and celebration to the lives of these girls is paramount.   It is so deeply important on a moral and human level, but also on a societal and systemic level, that I sometimes am not quite sure how to really get the message across to people how much building up the self worth of these kids builds up the value of our society. On a level of supporting children in foster care it is important. On a level of women supporting women it is is important.

I have been feeling guilty because we haven’t been able to do as many events this year for the girls.  The truth is that 100% of all money we raise goes to the gifts and events for the girls, so I have to also be able to also build a livelihood with my businesses and that has really taken a lot of my time over the past year.  TAG is a small organization and we do events for about 20-50 girls at a time.  But, I cry every time because every time we do a self worth event and celebrate the lives and the potential of these girls…at least one of them says that it’s the best day of their life, and at least one wants to know when they will be able to be at a TAG event again.”  – Juliana Whitney, Founder


Amidst being questioned about why she would take the path of lean entrepreneurship, a questions she received even upon starting That Adopted Girl, she realized that being an adopted kid really prepared her for entrepreneurship.  Adoption prepared her for the hard times, for being questioned, for doing things off the beaten path.  Juliana connected with America Adopts and asked if she could do apiece to share this realization with their readers just in case anyoneout there might relate.  Read the piece here.


As for supporters, we appreciate your support immensely.  Your donations, your time, your social media shares, and everything else you do, all mean the world to a grassroots organization like That Adopted Girl.  There will be more events for the girls in the foster care system.  You are still helping make a direct impact on girls in the foster care system. The more you give, the more we can give.    Thank you so much for everything.  You are the all stars.  You change lives.  Legitimately, without you, nothing of the past few years would have been possible.


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