The Best Valentine’s Day Gift, Ever.


Sponsor a Valentine's Day Dinner for a Girl In the Foster Care System for only $23(1)This is the time to POWER share this so we can get the last 25 seats filled for the self love Valentine’s Day event for the girls in the foster care system!! You can become a sponsor and share this post to find more sponsors like you πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•Hello beautiful people! You can be the sponsor of a girl in the foster care system, reserving a spot for her at the Self Love V-Day dinner event by donating $23 at πŸ’• The girls will enjoy a lovely dinner accompanied by teachings about the importance of self love, what it means, how to build it and how to maintain it. Self love is something that many young girls struggle with and foster care makes that struggle even more difficult. By sponsoring a girl you will help her create a happy childhood memory and learn how lovable she truly is! πŸ’• #vday #bemine #valentinesday #loveyou #selflove #worthy #charity #forthecause #truelove #changelives #makeadifference #empower #inspire #girls #pink #dinnerdate #xoxo #beautiful #lovelife #loveislife #loveyourself #loved


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