Hellooooo. Is anyone out there? We’re here!


Actually really excited for this.



We are Juliana and Liza (J+L) of J+L Inspire.  It’s so nice to meet you!

J+L Inspire is a personal and business development company.

We are two young, energetic, loving, powerful, discerning, problem solving, risk taking, wholehearted, healthily-crazy, social entrepreneurs.  J is the founder and president of a non-profit organization and L is the owner of a health and wellness company.  We joined forces with J+L Inspire to connect with, inspire, empower, uplift and enlighten the brilliant, energetic and intentionally ambitious people of the world just like you!

We do what we do through public speaking, private consulting, webinars and J+L tv,  and NOW we have this platform to connect with all of you on the same wavelength.  We’ll put ideas up here that we encounter in life or that we find ourselves philosophizing about while sipping wine at home, or at a party, or in a cocktail lounge, or airplane, or hotel lobby…

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