What is Worthy?


The guy wearing this wristband had a moment where someone commented on his sexuality in a derogatory manner, saying “that’s homo.” He looked at me and said “did you hear what that guy said?” I saw a glimpse of serious pain on his face so I took this WORTHY wristband off of my wrist, gave it to him and told him all about the WORTHY mission…the message in my heart being, “you are worthy.”

Let me tell you about WORTHY….
***This is a bit long but if you start reading it, please read it to the end. It’s worth it.

WORTHY: It’s a tribe, a philosophy and a movement. Everyone is welcome.

You may or may not have noticed that I focus on promoting self worth and ‪#‎TheWorthyTribe‬, especially through That Adopted Girl

WHY out of all the words in the world did I choose worthy to represent the company, to be a motto in my life and to create a tribe around?

First let me tell you that a person with a sense of self worth is more likely to be joyful, successful and fulfilled. They are more likely to maintain their boundaries, walk away from toxic situations, go after what they want, treat themselves well and treat others well.

Self worth is a sense of one’s inherent value as a human being. 

*This isn’t all about foster and adopted kids so hang with me.*
Adopted and foster kids struggle immensely with self worth for numerous reasons.It might be sadness and confusion about why their biological parents (the people who are supposed to have an undying love for them) were either unwilling or unable to care for them. It might be physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect or relinquishment. The Worthy message was created partly for them. So that they may be told they are worthy, so that they may experience being treated as a worthy person, so that they may find their sense of self worth as they hear the message repeated and so they may feel like they belong by being part of the tribe.

WORTHY goes so much further. Human beings in general struggle with self worth. You, me, the family down the street. It may be a deep struggle and it may be a slight struggle that pops up from time to time. It could be triggered by rejection, failure, disappointment. You might start feeling unworthy when you go through a break up, when you get in trouble at work, when your loved ones don’t believe in your dream, when you don’t get an invite, when an audience doesn’t respond to your performance the way you thought they would, when an investor doesn’t think your concept is worth investing in, when someone makes a derogatory comment about your race, sex, sexuality, physicality, intelligence… On top of that, we are inundated with advertising, media messaging and societal norms that are designed to point out things that make someone worthy, and of course point out that you don’t have those things. But you could have those things, and be worthy, if only you X and Y and Z.

The point is that there are a lot of things in life that challenge our ability to recognize our own worth. Because of that, on some level we can understand how low and heavy a lack of self worth can feel, how much it can hurt and how much better life is with your sense of self-worth in tact.

#TheWorthyTribe is for you. For everyone who on some level understands what it’s like to question ones worth. Everyone who deeply struggles with finding their worth. Everyone who only questions their worth from time to time. Everyone who can maintain their sense of self worth through thick and thin, come rain or shine. Everyone who wants to promote self worth in others. Everyone who wants to live in the positive rather than the negative, in love rather than hate, in WORTHINESS rather than degradation.


If we all worked on developing a strong sense of worth in ourselves and others, imagine how different the world would be. Seriously, think about how many debates, fights and political issues are actually about who is worth more and who is worth less.

The Worthy Tribe – a tribe of people internationally who believe in and promote the worth of themselves and the worth of others. None more, none less.

Everyone is welcome.

One of my favorite parts of this tribe is that, by being part of the tribe, the people who feel invisible, who feel like they are on the outside looking in, who feel like they are forgotten or like they have been thrown away by society (like foster kids)…..they can feel like they belong again

You are worthy.


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