Why Thor’s “He’s Adopted” Line Is Golden


Some people were offended by Thor’s “he’s adopted” line.

I have learned that sections of the adopted, adoptive parent population can be rather touchy on the subject.

It may be because I had an open adoption, it may be because I have been in therapy for 14 years, it may be because I have a chronically positive mindset, it may be because I have academically researched adopted kids.

I think this line is GOLD.

Here’s why:

1. Adopted kids need therapy.

Loki killed 80 people in 2 days.  That is not normal adopted kid behavior.  It brought to light that adoption does have a psychological impact.  It’s not being adopted, but rather being “given up” that causes the most psychological struggle.  And then there are some actually physiological aspects.  Whatever the cause, adopted kids need to be helped through their struggles and I think that using “he’s adopted” as an explanation for such extreme behavior was gold because extreme and over the top terms get people to pay attention!

2. Relatable to the silently suffering

There are adopted kids who struggle emotionally, have thoughts they don’t share for various reasons and they don’t have anyone to talk to about their feelings, leaving them feeling like they are alone.  No one likes feeling alone in a struggle.  Not that misery loves company, but rather that talking about issues helps heal them.  So, if an adopted kids hears this line and is able to find the good in it, it’s like, “oh thank goodness I’m not the only crazy one.”

3. Thor claims Loki as a brother THEN says “he’s adopted”

Saying “he’s my brother” and “he’s adopted” so close together shows that adoptive family is real family.  Ya, so Loki killed 80 people in 2 days. That doesn’t mean that Loki being adopted somehow gives Thor an out from being his brother, an out that people wouldn’t assume were Loki biologically related.

See?  A simple “He’s adopted” got people talking, acknowledge psychological impact of adoption, related to adoptees who silently struggle and affirmed that adoptive family is real family.



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