Thank You Guys For Not Giving Me Daddy Issues


Yes, I am posting about Father’s Day the day after Father’s Day.  This speaks only to my tendency to disregard oncoming holidays until the day of, and then, oops, they pass.

Since it is the day after I will make this quick and then simply share a video with you .  I couldn’t let the day pass without at least showing some gratitude to the Universe for the story it has created for me.

Universe, I am grateful for the abundance of fathering you have granted me.

I have my dad who worries like crazy but only because he loves me and wants to make sure that everything is good, as it should be, at all times.

Then, I have my birth dad.  So many times in adoptions the birth dad is unknown, much less present throughout the life of the adopted child.  My birth dad did not want to raise a child but he says that from the very beginning he knew he would be part of my life.  Hence the open adoption arrangement.

Together, I thank them both.  For whatever other issues I may have, at least I don’t have daddy issues and I have them to credit for that.


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