7 words of wisdom for the next generation of adopted girls.


Adopted kids have issues.  There’s no escaping yours.  I want to make sure you know, if you ever feel alone in dealing with those issues, I’ve got your back, girl.  

1 – People will always have questions. You will never have all of the answers.

2 – Ask your parents to take you to therapy. At least find an adopted kid support group where you can all relate to each others’ craziness.

3 – Embrace your quirks. They will never go away, no matter how hard you try to flatten them. This is a blessing. Your quirks are some of the best things about you!

4 – It is OK to breakdown and cry about nonsensical waves of emotion. Cry it out, girl!  Those emotions that make no sense – those are your adopted kid issues.

5 – After you cry it out, reflect. There is beauty in your breakdowns. Find it.

6 – Not everyone you love will leave you.  You are more worthy of love than you realize.

7 – You are never too old to wear a tutu.


LOVE always and forever,










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