How To Choose Between a Domestic Abuse Addict and a Corrupt Filipino Politician (Mayweather v. Pacquiao)


Tonight Mayweather fights Pacquiao in my hometown!

Who will win?!  I have no idea.  I don’t really care.

BUT I live in Vegas so people keep asking me who I want to win.

I had to make a decision so I could have an answer for this question!

And of course my decision would have nothing to do with actual boxing.

I learned that last Halloween Mayweather beat his ‘adopted’ son.  #ThatsRude. (Around 35% of kids in foster care are placed there because they are experiencing some type of abuse at home)

AND then there are all of those times he has abused women!

But I guess the consensus is that it doesn’t really matter if he beats adopted kids and women…because he has money, a pretty face and an AWESOME boxing record (maybe partly because he practices inside AND outside of the ring with men, women and children.  That’s some serious dedication.)

Pacquiao is a ridiculously corrupt politician, is like a God in the Philippines and I couldn’t find any record of him hitting his family. #winning

So, I guess when choosing between a domestic abuse addict and a corrupt Filipino politician, I choose the Filipino corrupt Filipino politician.

Decision made.

LOVE always and forever,



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