An Important Lesson for the Perpetually Misunderstood


Some of the greatest people are completely misunderstood. When you are misunderstood just because you live your life however you want, 100%, authentically you. That’s awesome!

This is for the people who are ALWAYS misunderstood, and they HATE it and just can’t understand why. Continue reading

5 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Know About Emotional Baggage


Just a few things that I think would have been helpful for my parents to hear way back in the 1990’s!

1 – Sometimes your kid will say, “you aren’t my real parents!” simply because they know it gets to you.

2 – There is no shame in bringing in reinforcements. Continue reading

7 words of wisdom for the next generation of adopted girls.


Adopted kids have issues.  There’s no escaping yours.  I want to make sure you know, if you ever feel alone in dealing with those issues, I’ve got your back, girl.  

1 – People will always have questions. You will never have all of the answers.

2 – Ask your parents to take you to therapy. Continue reading

Introducing Foster Fun by That Adopted Girl!


That Adopted Girl Inc. is incredibly excited to introduce the Foster Fun program (launching this fall!)!!  The Foster Fun program is designed to create HAPPY childhood experiences for kids in the system!  We figure Continue reading

How To Choose Between a Domestic Abuse Addict and a Corrupt Filipino Politician (Mayweather v. Pacquiao)


Tonight Mayweather fights Pacquiao in my hometown!

Who will win?!  I have no idea.  I don’t really care.

BUT I live in Vegas so people keep asking me who I want to win.

I had to make a decision so I could have an answer for this question! Continue reading