WE, the TAG tribe.


I often speak and write in “we” terms because I look at life as something we are all in together. I do not want ANYONE to have to walk alone. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Inclusion in the “we” terminology is entirely voluntary. The TAG tribe has an open invitation. Members of the TAG tribe vary greatly, with stories from a private open adoption to an orphaned Foster kid who bounced around to 72 different homes in 14 years….even some who have no relation to foster care or adoption at all, but believe that the cause is WORTHY!

Every story is welcome. Every part of the triad is welcome. Each member relates to the “we” at some times, and not at other times. That’s ok. What matters most is that we are all here to improve the world, to educate, to enlighten, to increase understanding and to support one another, in super fun, alternative, thoughtful, energetic, and meaningful ways!

We are ALL bound by the message of #ThatsWorthy. Seeing value in ourselves and in others, and sharing the WORTHY vision on a daily basis. The struggle with worth is at the root of most issues. The WORTHY vision aims at healing and helping struggles starting from the root.

I LOVE that I get to connect with people with so many different family and personal stories. I love that people share those stories with me. I love that we can work together to turn wounds in to wisdom. I love that members of the TAG tribe have similarities yet, so many individual differences.

WE are TAG. One of the most diverse, eccentric, driven tribes you will ever be a part of. We educate, we enlighten, we spread the message of worthiness, we work to turn our wounds to wisdom so we can share that wisdom with others, we help others turn their wounds to wisdom, we listen, we laugh, we surprise, we love, we understand, we heal, we do our best not to judge, we accept. We know that there are people out there and kids out there who just need someone to believe in them, need someone to help them, need someone to listen to what they have to say, need someone to value their existence, need someone to recognize their worth, need someone to treat them like a human instead of like a case number. WE are all that someone.


#ThatsWorthy #TAGworthy #tribe #family #unity #mission #vision

Donate $5 on thatadoptedgirl.com and get your #ThatsWorthy wristband! Write the color you want (teal,green,pink,purple) and where to send it in the message section!

LOVE always and forever,



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