No Big, Fun Easter Baskets For This Adopted Kid


My parents aren’t super in to commercial things so they never bought the big Easter baskets with toys and candy.  I got the Easter egg hunt in the yard with hard boiled eggs,  never any plastic eggs filled with candy, and never any toys. I mean, seriously, couldn’t a girl at least get a chocolate bunny?

My neighbor always got the big, fun Easter baskets with candy and toys and cellophane wrapping (which I thought was super fancy).  I remember doubting the Easter bunny pretty early on when I realized that kids weren’t all getting the same thing… either the Easter bunny liked my neighbor more than he liked me, or the Easter bunny wasn’t real.

My suspicions about the Easter bunny were confirmed the year I ran outside on Easter morning and couldn’t find any eggs. I looked everywhere. I looked in the grass, the garden, the front yard, the backyard and even under planters once I started thinking that the Easter bunny had decided to really test my searching capabilities.  I couldn’t find a single egg!  Not anywhere!  At one point I found an egg shaped rock and thought I had finally found an egg….but it was just one of the pretty garden rocks bought at Joe’s Cactus Garden.  I went inside and told my mom that there were no eggs to be found. She left the room and five minutes later magically found  a letter from the Easter bunny in a bureau drawer in the living room.  She helped me read the letter in which the bunny explained that he was caught in the North Pole and would stop by the next day.

Hmmmmm….. I may be adopted, but I am not dumb.  I knew there was something fishy going on!

A few things came to mind : 

1. Why was the Easter bunny in the North Pole?  Was he partying with Santa and overslept for his only shift of the entire year?

2. The Easter bunny’ handwriting sure looks a lot like my mom’s handwriting.

3. How did the letter get hidden in a random drawer if the Easter bunny wasn’t at the house?

4. My neighbor got his usual big Easter basket. So… Did each kid have their own designated Easter bunny and mine was a slacker?

Conclusion:  My mom totally forgot to hide eggs for me because she was working and then she blamed it on the bunny.

BUT, I’m not bitter about it. At least I had a mom who hid boiled eggs for me every year, and tried to creatively make up for the one time she forgot to do so.

SO in the interest of creating some Easter morning smiles with fun baskets like the ones I always wanted as a kid, That Adopted Girl Inc is assembling Easter baskets for foster kids and homeless youth. Because….they all kids are WORTHY of happy childhood moments, regardless of whether or not they have a mom to hide eggs.

Donate funds or items, and join us at the event if possible to make as many baskets as possible!  For real…..AS MANY AS POSSIBLE.  March 29th, 1:00pm, location coming soon 🙂

LOVE always and forever,



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