Is someone going to tell her the truth about her baby?


The message in the above photo was posted by an adoption page with the caption, “We want to talk to you! You can chat with us anytime.”

I read about adoption constantly and I look for pieces from all different angles.  I have found that there are groups of birth mothers who feel like they were duped in to putting their child up for adoption.  I must admit that initially I was not quite sure what they meant by being tricked in to giving their child up for adoption……then I saw this. Continue reading


Easter Basket Build Up 2015


See the adventure of the first annual Easter Basket Build up with these fun videos!!   The goal was to create 500 Easter baskets, and we met that goal!! It was not easy by any means, but we did it and that is what counts.  Plus, now we know how to streamline the process so we can replicate the project in multiple states next year!

The Event in a Teeny Tiny Nutshell

Success Report!

In The News!!!

Call to Action With Juliana & Liza

What to donate and how To Build An Easter Basket at Low Cost

Uhaul Adventure

Just the beginning with Liza

LOVE always and forever,



Embracing Rejection


“Adoption is love not rejection.”

I came across this and couldn’t pass it by.

I understand the sentiment of this quote.

I would bet a million dollars that it was written by a parent. Continue reading

Avoid Prescribing Adoption Issues


I am learning to alter my message based on the age group I am dealing with.  Thankfully I realize this just as I am beginning my public speaking career.  I cannot say the same things to adopted kids as I can to adults who were adopted. Dually noted. Continue reading

Launch & Libations Inaugural Fundraiser


That Adopted girl Launch & Libations Inaugural Fundraising Event on February 28th, 2015 was a great success.  A perfect intimate launch event.  We can only grow from here, help more people in more places and improve the lives of children with the help of our growing and incredible caring group of supporters. Continue reading

How to build Easter baskets for foster kids and homeless youth with That Adopted Girl Inc.


See what it takes to build a cute Easter basket for foster kids and homeless youth for only $3.50-$4.50!  Continue reading

What to donate for easter basket building!!!


That Adopted Girl Inc. is hosting an Easter Basket Build Up event this March 29th at 1:00pm at The Law Office of Craig P. Kenney to build Easter Gift Baskets for foster kids and homeless youth!!  Continue reading