Everyone is healing. Be patient…


We are healing from wounds of abandonment, loss, rejection, and neglect. We are healing from wounds of low self worth, financial struggle, disruption, and longing. We are all healing from some kind of wound. However deep. People sometimes act out of the pain of that wound. When that happens, it is up to us to recognize the wound in the other. Recognize that they are healing. Try not to react with the pain of our own wound, but rather with care and kindness, with a healing touch.

So many times we feel alone, we feel lost, we feel alienated. Who can really understand you? Sometimes it feels like no one in the world can. Whatever our differences, human beings share the healing process. We are all common in that we all experience pain, and we are all dealing with healing. In that commonality, you are not alone, you are not lost, you are not alienated.

Sometimes our wounds heal a bit and then tear back open. All that really matters is that we put work in to our healing process, however long it may take, and that we recognize that others are healing as well. Healing your wounds and having compassion for others as they heal theirs is not always easy. Make an effort.

Everyone is healing as individuals, as families, as communities and as society as a whole. We all need our time to heal and we all deserve our time to heal. Thus, the best thing is to be patient with ourselves and patient with others. It’s the golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated . Hopefully most of us want to be treated with kindness and understanding so when implementing the golden rule, treat others with the same kindness and understanding that you wish for. And don’t neglect yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding. You are worthy of it.

Why push forth in healing when sometimes it hurts more than the wound itself? We do it for the sake of our souls, for the sake of others, for the sake of preserving the strength and beauty of human kind.

As your wound inflicts a feeling of shame or of guilt, remember that you are allowed to be wounded by your experience. You are worthy of a healing process. You are allowed these things without needing to feel shame, without guilt, without judgment.

We each travel on a unique life path carved within a shared one.

You are WORTHY.

LOVE always and forever,





4 thoughts on “Everyone is healing. Be patient…

  1. I agree that we need to take into consideration that we all have wounds that are bleeding. We automatically take cognisance of our own wounds, but it takes effort to remember that there are those around us who may be feeling the same hurt, or worse. Wrote on a similar topic on my adoption blog called ‘The beautiful side of ugly’ http://wp.me/p5j00Q-1H.

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    • No need to care about my ex, sweetheart. This wasn’t about my ex. I’m That Adopted Girl. I own That Adopted Girl Inc. My topic is adoption and adoption related issues. Adopted people are healing. Adopted people are often wounded and work for sometimes a lifetime on healing from those adoption related wounds. Those are the people I am here for. Those are the people I care for. And those are the wounds I share with them. I’m also here for anyone healing. Anyone who can relate in any way. For instance, foster children and adults who were once foster children. If you don’t relate that is fine. Move on. Constructive criticism is valuable and welcome. Criticism with the sole intent of criticizing is negative. We are positive minded people. We work to live in light, live in love, live in human kindness. You are welcome to join! But if you would like to continue leaving useless comments…well you just so happened to catch me on a day when I am absolutely not willing to tolerate that. Not only for myself. I am also not willing to tolerate negativity sent to anyone else you spread negativity to, I send them love. I send you love also, and then send you on your way. Namaste. Happy healing. xoxo That Adopted Girl.


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