Give a woman a coat, keep her warm for a winter. TEACH a woman to make coats, keep her warm for a lifetime.


#NewsWorthy Veronika Scott is an American social entrepreneur and CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. Based in Detroit, this non-profit humanitarian organization works to address homelessness by creating jobs for those who want them and providing coats for those that need them.

I love when she says that the idea of self worth is very important to her.  Self WORTH is extremely important.  It is beautiful that Veronika Scott not only helps these people with a physical need but also with an existential need, giving them a  a way to support themselves.  Women empowering other women is amazing!  People empowering other people is magical.  People empowering other people in a positive way, is crucial to the survival of humankind.

LOVE always and forever,



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