Give a woman a coat, keep her warm for a winter. TEACH a woman to make coats, keep her warm for a lifetime.


#NewsWorthy Veronika Scott is an American social entrepreneur and CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. Based in Detroit, this non-profit humanitarian organization works to address homelessness by creating jobs for those who want them and providing coats for those that need them. Continue reading

Screw Your Christmas Presents


Christmas 2003.  I will never forget it.  My parents and I decided to switch things up that year.  Instead of opening gifts in the morning we woke up on Christmas morning and went to feed the homeless through the afternoon.  Afterwards we went to dinner at The Ritz Carlton and finished off the night opening presents in our cozy home in a little village just outside of Las Vegas. Continue reading

Ambitious projects build adoption awareness

Juliana Whitney is working to spread the word about the power of adoption.
As someone who is adopted, 25-year-old Whitney hopes to garner awareness through constantly speaking out on the subject.
During National Adoption Month in November, she literally left her mark by hiding thousands of bookmarks across Las Vegas.

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Love always, The Kid You Gave Away


Dear Birth Parents,

How are you? I miss you. I can only hope that you miss me too. Do you wonder what I’m doing? I wonder what you are doing everyday. I wonder what your personalities are like and what traits of mine are similar to yours. I have this goofy laugh that I’m sure…. Continue reading