Orphan Refuses Kim Kardashian’s Adoption Offer.


People often envy kids adopted by uber famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock. It almost seems like winning the lottery. You weren’t born in to the family but you won the adoption lottery and now get to live a life of fame and fortune!! People don’t seem to realize that winning the adoption lottery means you first have to lose your biological family in one way or another.

This little girl is an example of how closely we are bonded with our biological families. Especially our biological mothers. This girl is in an orphanage because her mother is too poor to care for her, but she still gets to see her birth mother everyday. Because of that existing bond and because of her sense of loyalty to her country and her peers, this girl would rather remain impoverished in Thailand than live like a princess in the USA as Kim Kardashian’s daughter.

READ ABOUT IT HERE: http://www.refinery29.com/2014/11/78343/orphan-refuses-kim-kardashian-adoption

I know some people think that Kim Kardashian adopting a child is a joke. I think she could be a great adoptive mother. Maybe even Khloe could adopt one day. ( I would say Kourtney too but she has a whole litter of kids on her hands already.) I’m not against it. I think with the right knowledge they could be great adoptive parents.

(So…Kardashian ladies….if you ever need an adoptee consult, I’m your girl!) 💕

LOVE always and forever,



2 thoughts on “Orphan Refuses Kim Kardashian’s Adoption Offer.

  1. We’ve recently become involved with an orphan choir, His Little Feet. Prior to that, I didn’t realize how many children in developing countries actually have families–who just can’t take care of them. The seven children all stayed at my house for several days (added to my two= glorious chaos); they were from Mizoram, India, and although they all lived in an orphanage, none were available for adoption. They travel the US, raising awareness. They also present Compassion International’s sponsorship program as a way to prevent orphans (since sponsoring allows children to stay with their parents). Both are pretty neat organizations.


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