Orphan Refuses Kim Kardashian’s Adoption Offer.


People often envy kids adopted by uber famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock. It almost seems like winning the lottery. You weren’t born in to the family but you won the adoption lottery and now get to live a life of fame and fortune!! People don’t seem to realize that winning the adoption lottery means you first have to lose your biological family in one way or another. Continue reading

The Life of That Never-Adopted Girl – An Empathic Experiment

Have you ever imagined yourself in a different life circumstance? Different people, different job, different place, different time? I know you have.
I took a moment to do that today.
I am adopted, but what if my fate had been different?

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Either Brave Enough or Crazy Enough – The Piece That Started It All


 This is near and dear to my heart, the piece that started it all.  This is my chapel talk from my senior year at Webb.  The day I gave this talk was the first time since the day of my birth that I had my mom, dad, birth mom and birth dad all in one place at the same time.  That will probably never happen again.  Well….maybe on my wedding day if I’m lucky.

 I wrote this when I was 17, in the middle of a mental breakdown, getting ready to graduate, and finally either brave enough or crazy enough to vocalize my feelings about being adopted in front of all 4 participating parental parties.  This is when I seriously started working on understanding myself in terms of being an adopted kid and started to work towards understanding other adopted kids and adoption situations.    

So, here it is….

CHAPEL TALK (2007) Continue reading

One Big Difference Between Your Adopted Kid and Your Biological Kid


Get us day 1 or year 5, we come with bags packed. Mine is pink and glittery, with some dents, gashes and stains.

I carry it with me everywhere  I go :).  

Adoptive parents are the best when they help you unpack, see what you’ve got, organize and rearrange it and lighten the load.

Sometimes that takes a while.  But it’s worth the time.

LOVE always and forever,


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