“They lied to us’: Seattle parents sue state after adopted son molests siblings, claim social services never disclosed previous incidents”

You know what sucks about this? Beyond this child being a sexual predator at 12 years old, beyond that this child needs serious clinical help, beyond his victims, beyond the possible trauma he experienced that motivated such behavior.

What sucks is that by withholding his sexual molestation record and allowing these people to adopt this child, not only did the state put the other children of this family in danger, they created yet another news story about a crazed adopted kid. Another news story that exaggerates how screwed up adopted kids, and therefore adoptable kids, are. Another news story that seriously counteracts the message of organizations such as The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

By withholding information about this one child and creating this one news story, the state effectively tarnishes the image of children everywhere that are up for adoption, just wishing and hoping and waiting for a family to love and accept them.

When it is made to seem like adopting is a crap shoot and you never know when you might accidentally pick up a tiny sexual predator…. Nobody wants to play that game.

You may think this story is showing the shortcomings of the system. And it is partly showing the shortcomings. But it is mostly showing how the shortcomings of the system negatively affect the adoptive parents. I think system shortcomings most severely affect the children within the system.

Stories like this make it seem like the children within the system ARE the shortcomings of the system.


So, system, do your best to stop making mistakes like this. Adoptable kids don’t need any help making it difficult for them to find families.


LOVE always and forever,


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The most positive thing about this story is that these parents aren’t trying to give their adopted son back. They aren’t treating him like a puppy they picked up at the mall and now want to return with a full refund.


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