Love Doesn’t Hurt

Some of the ways in which we refer to love make it seem terrifying.
There is a lot of falling involved.  It defies the laws of physics.  Somehow you can both fall in to, and fall out of love. Falling is terrifying, and thus is love. To clarify, falling is actually terrifying. Love is not intrinsically terrifying.

So why are we scared?
It isn’t love itself that we are scared of. We are scared of not being loved back. We are scared of being vulnerable and then rejected. We just want to be accepted. We are a bunch of souls wandering the earth yearning to be loved while being afraid to express our love for others.
It does not help that we also commonly hear that “love hurts.”  Getting hurt is scary.  Make no mistake, love absolutely does not hurt. The absence of love hurts. The rejection of your love hurts. Losing love hurts. The fear that you won’t be loved back hurts. Love itself does not hurt.  
We put the blame on love itself so we don’t have to admit our weaknesses.  Don’t have to admit our fears.  Don’t have to admit that we keep ourselves from something amazing because we are too wimpy to take a risk and put ourselves out there.  Too wimpy to risk being hurt by not being loved back.
I’m not afraid of love.  It’s not being loved, and not having someone/something to love that is terrifying.
LOVE always and forever,


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