5 Celebrity Moms Who Adopted (#1)


Jillian Michaels


Best known for: Training contestants on The Biggest Loser reality show to help them get in shape and lose weight. Michaels has written books, starred in fitness DVDs, and created video games for the Wii and Xbox that all focus on helping people live a healthier life.

Adopted child: Daughter Lukensia

Adoption details: Michaels first announced her plans to adopt in December 2010 when she revealed that she would be leaving The Biggest Loser. After months of searching, she met her child during a trip to Haiti. “I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl,” she told Access Hollywood in December 2011. “By the grace of God, I got matched up with her.” Michaels was finally able to bring 2-year-old Lukensia home from the Caribbean nation in May 2012. 

Other kids: Michaels’ partner, Heidi Rhoades, gave birth to a baby boy named Phoenix on May 3, 2012.

What you don’t know: Michaels became the mother of a toddler and newborn all at once! Her lengthy adoption culminated during the same week that her partner gave birth to their son. Michaels told People that she may be busy, but she’s enjoying every minute of it. “I want to be really present and enjoy all the nuances of their growth and development,” she said. “I don’t want to rush any of it.”

Charlize Theron


Best known for: Her Oscar-winning performance in the 2003 film Monster. Theron has also starred in The Italian JobHancock, and The Devil’s Advocate. In the summer of 2012, she’ll appear alongside Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman as the evil queen.

Adopted child: Son Jackson

Adoption details: This is the first child for Theron, but so far she is keeping quiet on the adoption details. In a statement to the Associated Press, her publicist simply said, “She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson.”

What you don’t know: Last summer, Theron told Germany’s In Touch, “I want a baby. If it would happen tomorrow I would still be very happy about it.” She has been single since her nine-year relationship with fellow actor Stuart Townsend ended in 2010.

Kristin Davis


Best known for: Playing Charlotte York Goldenblatt on the popular TV show Sex and the City. Charlotte dreamed of a traditional marriage and family, but got her happy ending when she married a short, bald Jewish man and adopted a baby girl from China.

Adopted child: Daughter Gemma Rose Davis

Adoption details: Life imitated art for the celeb when she announced on October 7, 2011, that she had adopted Gemma Rose through domestic adoption.

What you don’t know: Unlike the marriage-obsessed Charlotte, Davis is happy to raise her daughter as a single mother.

Mariska Hargitay


Best known for: Playing butt-kicking sex-crimes detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The role has earned her numerous accolades, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Adopted children: Daughter Amaya Josephine and son Andrew Nicolas

Adoption details: Hargitay and her husband, actor Peter Hermann, adopted Amaya in April 2011 through domestic adoption. She toldPeople, “We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multiracial family.” Six months after adopting Amaya, Hargitay and her husband adopted a son, Andrew. About adopting again so quickly, Hargitay told People, “We never in a million years thought it would happen this quickly, but something inside of us knew that this was right, and we said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!'”

Other kids: Hargitay and her husband welcomed son August on June 28, 2006.

What you don’t know: Although the couple kept Amaya’s adoption quiet from the press until it was official, Hargitay’s onscreen partner, Chris Meloni, knew what was going on. “Uh, yeah [I knew she was adopting!] I’m her partner,” he told UsMagazine.com. “You didn’t know; I knew. I had to keep my mouth shut.”

Sheryl Crow


Best known for: Writing and performing music that has earned her nine Grammy Awards; beating breast cancer; dating and splitting from Tour de France-winning cyclist Lance Armstrong; choosing to become a single mom.

Adopted children: Sons Wyatt Steven and Levi James Crow

Adoption details: Born on April 29, 2007, Wyatt went home with Crow the following day. It was a closed domestic adoption through an agency, although Crow has said she will help him find his birth family, should he ever want to. Wyatt is Sheryl’s father’s middle name, and Steven was chosen to honor her brother and her manager (both named Steven). Crow adopted another son, Levi, who was born on April 30, 2010. She has said that she wanted to adopt another child when Wyatt was 2 years old, but the process took longer than expected because many adoption plans fell through.

What you don’t know: Talk about celebrity connections — single-mama Crow used the same baby nurse that tended to Julia Roberts’ twins, as well as famous tots Deacon Phillippe (son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and Coco Arquette (daughter of Courtney Cox and David Arquette) when they were babes. Celeb friend Laura Dern threw Crow a baby shower.

Originally from Parenting Magazine

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