You Have to Play to Win



You meet someone

You have some fun

You’re sure they’ll never stay

When they’re near

You keep the cheer

It keeps your sad at bay

If you let them in, It would all begin

The fear, the doubt, dismay

But what if they want to play?

What’s the name of the game?

Friend or foe

Boo or beau

You have to play to win

Take a risk.

Go on, dive in.

To end it must begin.

Lust and trust

Left in the dust

It doesn’t matter

You think the latter

You’re saving your heart from ultimate shatter

But my dear let me make this clear

You have made a fatal mistake…

Your thought is half baked

Your mind not awake

Love and friendship are give AND take

You give, you take

You take, you give

Whatever you do remember to live

Life has its crumps and dumps

But there’s also the jumps and humps 😉

In THIS matter

You can choose the latter

Join the game

That is all I’m asking

Love and Friendship can be everlasting

First you have to stop the masking

Open your eyes and you will see

Please believe me


LOVE always and forever,


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