This is That Adopted Girl (TAG)



Founder & President of That Adopted Girl Inc., Juliana Whitney, is an adopted girl with sass.  She is one of the crazy ones, the misfits, the ones who see things differently.  Juliana is an inspirational speaker, an avid positive thinker, a promoter of self worth, an entrepreneur, a skilled conflict manager and a creative free spirit.

She might offend you.  She might enlighten you.  She might make you feel like you have found your kindred spirit.  

Love her or like her, she will always be, unapologetically, yours truly, That Adopted Girl

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One thought on “This is That Adopted Girl (TAG)

  1. Lynn

    Stated above: “She says she ‘doesn’t want to be sappy, doesn’t want to sugar coat anything and doesn’t want to have an overly academic approach.’ ‘She wants to be “raw, real and honest.’”

    That’s EXACTLY why I wrote my memoir, “Born in My Heart: A Bittersweet Adoption Blessing.” I am a foster-adopt parent and my book advocates for foster care adoption BUT it does not try and convince the reader that it’s easy or perfect.


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